Virtual CTO

ICS is your part-time Chief Technology Officer. For a fraction of the cost of a full-time CTO, your company can have a strong technology plan that allows your business to grow and expand.

ICS offers a service that is designed to fill a gap that many small to medium-sized companies have. You might not have a need for a full-time technology strategist to provide the decision-makers with the technological options and the vision necessary to turn their business strategy into a reality using the right solutions to do the job. They do, however, need this capability on a part-time basis.

Virtual CTO Services include:

Technology Strategy Planning

  • This service provides a complete assessment of what technologies can be integrated into your company to enhance your internal workflow and to make your employees more productive.
  • This service is very effective prior to any large-scale upgrades.

Technology Implementation

  • OK, you have a Technology Plan. Now, how do you best go about implementing it and how do you keep it on track?
  • ICS can provide the project management and oversight you need for a smooth implementation.

Technology Solution Research

  • There is software for EVERYTHING, how do you choose the right line of business software for your business?
  • How can a nonprofit judge how complicated a new fundraising solution integrates with your accounting software?
  • The Cloud offers a lot of flexibility, but how do you know what solution will serve you best?