Cloud Computing

Our State of the Art Cloud Platform can move your entire network offsite and in to a secure data center. Our expert technology consultants can assess your needs and make sure you get the proper cloud solution.

ICS offers the latest in Cloud Computing technologies:

Fully Hosted Networks

Get rid of the maintenance and upkeep of your servers. A cloud server provides all of the access you’re used to without the upfront costs and maintenance.

Virtual Desktops

With a virtual desktop fixing a problem is only a mater or restoring an earlier image. No more reinstalling computers which can take hours. If your desktop experiences a problem we simply load yesterdays and you’re back up and running in minutes.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is the most prolific email system in the world. A hosted version of Exchange works just like an onsite server, with no maintenance.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

iPhone, Droid, Blackberry and tablets are becoming more popular by the day. They can provide incredible flexibility and convenience until you lose one. A lost mobile device is an open door in to your network or information. With Mobile Device Management we can locate the device, and lock or erase it. MDM also allows us to help you resolve issues quickly and assist in the set up and maintenance of all of the devices in your office. Wecan remotely configure email accounts, load security updates and troubleshoot, saving you time and money.

SAAS (Software as a Service)

SAAS is a simple concept. Instead of buying the software you rent it. That way you always have the newest version and never have to upgrade. With SAAS you also don’t have to house the software, it lives in a data center and you connect to it via the internet.

HAAS (Hardware as a Service)

HAAS allows you to get new equipment every 3 years like clockwork. No more slow computers or ancient operating systems. One monthly payment gets you everything you need to run your office. If a machine breaks a replacement will be there the next day. No need to write big checks, or squeeze out another year with outdated equipment.