Company Principals

Harold Hollander – President
Harold Hollander has been working in the Computer Networking and Servicing field for almost thirty years, or since the advent of the Personal Computer. His knowledge of Network Implementation, Software Integration, and Hardware Systems has guided countless businesses through their introduction to technology, system upgrades and expansion of their entire communications infrastructure. Founding Infinity Computer Solutions in 1989, Harold has built a company dedicated to providing expert computer service to a variety of companies throughout the Delaware Valley. Since the company’s founding, ICS’s technicians have serviced systems in thousands of Philadelphia area businesses.

Evan Hollander – Chief Technology Officer
As CTO, Evan is the main point-of-contact for our clients. Always keeping an eye on the bigger picture, Evan directs our technicians and makes sure that all bases are always covered. Evan’s job is to insure the job is done right and that the customer has a full understanding of what’s happening with their systems. A technician himself, Evan has the ability to translate the language of technology in to “Human”.

Evan has managed complex technological initiatives for such major brands as Philips Electronics, General Electric, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline and more. These clients are among the many that have called upon Evan’s creativity, technical expertise and highly advanced knowledge of how to use technology as a strategic tool to resolve their own internal challenges and productivity issues.