Network Security

Computer Network security is one the most important aspects of a company's technology infrastructure. Today SPAM, Viruses, Trojans, Spyware and other Internet based attacks are costing businesses time and money.

Protecting your network is now a cost of doing business. Inadequate Computer Network Security can put your business at great risk. Hackers have the ability to take command of Computer Networks and use them for their own purposes. This can not only make your office less efficient, but expose all of the data on your network to the outside.

A proper Computer Network Security system can prevent attackers from gaining access to your system and alert you should they penetrate the network.

No one solution to security is enough. Experts agree that a multi-tiered approach to Computer Network Security is the best way to protect your systems. This means combining an active Firewall with Anti Virus protection and Spyware protection for both your Servers and Workstations. A good SPAM filter will also go a long way to protecting your users from opening malicious email as well as free your email system of the burden of processing junk mail.

ICS can design and implement a computer network security system to meet your needs and budget.