Solutions for your business!

No matter how many users you have, ICS has Solutions to keep your network up and running, your computers fast and healthy.

Far too often we have found companies that either don’t have the proper technology to get the job done and have to rely on slow and antiquated equipment, or have over invested in technology they don’t need and will never use. These are both bad places to be in and the only one who benefits are the IT Consultants who let you go there.

To the Break & Fix IT Company old hardware and software is a dream. They get to bill you hour after hour to Band-Aid hardware that should have been decommissioned long ago. Excessive technology is just as attractive, they get to sell you expensive hardware and software that you’ll never use to its potential.

Appropriate Technology, that’s what we aim to provide. We want your users to have the tools they need to do their jobs. We want to keep your networking running fast and healthy. Most importantly we want your network and data protected.
Don’t get painted in to a corner with technology. In the long run you will end up spending more money and experience more downtime. Our job is to keep an eye on the technology landscape and ensure you don’t fall behind while avoiding the bleeding.