Who we are

For over Twenty Five years ICS has focused on one thing, Service. We move mountains to make sure your company is up and running.

Our Clients

Our clients are businesses and nonprofit organizations with 10 – 100 users who rely on technology to run their offices. We partner with you and become your technology advocate; ICS becomes your complete IT Department. From technology strategy to workstation setups we take care of everything so you can focus on your business.

What We Promise

  1. You can ALWAYS reach us – Sometimes things break at inconvenient times, our phones are covered 24 hours a day by our senior staff.
  2. Quick Response – When you call us with a computer problem we guarantee that your call will either be answered right away or returned within 60 minutes. No waiting on hold forever – When you call ICS you will never be stuck in an automated phone system pressing 1 for this and 2 for that. We use voicemail as minimally as possible. We want to talk to you!
  3. We are your Technology Advocate – When you engage ICS you get more than IT support. You get a Chief Technology Officer who can help you find the solutions you need. We will guide you through all of the options for phone systems, digital copiers, and industry
    software. We have no allegiance to any manufacturer or brand. Our concern is helping you find the appropriate technology.
  4. Customized service and support – Every office has different needs. We will design a support plan that meets your specific needs. Our job is to make technology work the way you need it to work.
  5. No Tech Babble – You deserve to know what you are paying for and what we are doing for you. We explain everything in “Human”.
  6. We will minimize down time – Your computers are the engine of your business, they have to work. We take a proactive approach to IT service and support. Our goal is to fix the little problems before they ever have a chance to become big problems.
  7. No Surprises – We layout exactly what we will be doing, and if there is risk involved we make sure you know about it and our action plan accounts for it.
  8. No unexpected expenses – When you engage ICS for a project we will define the scope of the project, create an implementation plan and identify potential problems. The price we provide will be accurate.
  9. Fast Repairs – We always look for the solution that will solve your problem and get you back on track the quickest. If that means coming to your office then we get there ASAP. If we can fix it remotely we will.
  10. Experienced Staff – You will never call ICS and speak to someone with little or no experience. There is nothing worse than being stuck on the phone with someone you know can’t solve your problem.