Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backing up organizational data is one of the most important functions of a well-run network.

Data is the past, current and future lifeblood of a viable business. Whether it is patient data, manufacturing specifications, legal briefs, or tax returns every bit of a business’ information must be safeguarded and stored in a secure environment for use or reference at any time.

The Watchdog Backup and Disaster Recovery program backs up data continuously, allowing for the restoration of older versions of a document. The system also verifies the backup monthly. Backup Guardian performs tests automatically to ensure the data is intact and able to restore. Should there ever be a server failure our “BDR” can quickly virtualize the down server, assuming the roles and responsibilities of the offline machine. This includes data, software, network settings, and email.

Offsite backup is available through the Watchdog BDR. Data is encrypted then transmitted and stored in two independent data centres. This virtualization process can be done locally if need be or in the event of a full site loss, the network can be virtualized from the offsite data centers. This will allow access to data, software and email for users.

Watchdog BDR is the most affordable Disaster Recovery in the industry.